I don’t know the last time I blogged about Senior Photography, and I’m so sorry!!  I honestly LOVE all of my Senior girls.  Yes, I post a ton on motherhood and families, but Seniors truly are such a joy for me to photograph as well.  They are always the absolute sweetest, kindest souls.  I love getting to know them – where they have traveled to, where they are going for college and why.  It just takes me back to such a precious time of life!  There is nothing like that time of transition.  Where you go to college, or whatever you do after your senior year of high school, literally can shape the rest of your life.  I love that Senior photography has become such a big deal these days because it should be celebrated!!  Of course, I had my senior photos taken way back when, but they are nothing like the senior photos of today.  Mine was done in a dark studio with my letter jacket and a ladder I posed against – ha!

I don’t market my senior business at all really.  It is truly just word of mouth and I love that.  To be referred from other past Senior clients is such an honor to me.  Somehow I get the perfect amount of Seniors every summer and they are my perfect clients!

I’m in love with this particular session because everything just came together so perfectly.  The hair, makeup, outfits, lighting and of course the beautiful girl!  I hope you enjoy! All hair/makeup by Meagan Bechtel Beauty & Styling

Alexis-8 Alexis-4 Alexis-22 Alexis-25 Alexis-21 Alexis-15 Alexis-10 Alexis-30 Alexis-37 Alexis-48Alexis-92 Alexis-91 Alexis-88 Alexis-84 Alexis-67 Alexis-64 Alexis-62